Our rooms cater for different ages and levels of development.

When children have reached a certain age and/or level of development, as assessed by our qualified educators, and in collaboration with parents, they are assisted in making a successful and exciting transition to the next room.

With this in mind, the following age-split is provided as a rough guide only to help you navigate our room structure and developmental goals and objectives.

Birth – 12 months:  Pipis Room

Our Pipi Room is a warm, caring nurturing environment for children from birth to 12 months of age. We understand how hard it is to leave your baby in the care of strangers for the first time. We provide an orientation program to suit your needs and your child’s, we invite families to spend time in the room to meet the educators until you feel comfortable enough to leave your child in our care. We provide a range of stimulating, developmentally appropriate activities to guide your child’s learning through the first stages of growth and development catering to your child’s individual needs and routines.

12 months – 2 years: Starfish Room

Our Starfish Room provides care for children aged 12 months to 2 years, we provide a happy, welcoming, safe environment where we focus on children’s routines along with developing their independence and confidence. We provide experiences that will enhance language development, social skills and self-help skills.

2 – 3 years: Seals Room

Our Seals room caters for children 2 to 3 years, we provide a happy, safe, environment where children are gaining more independence and confidence at this stage of their development, we start focusing on toileting and health and hygiene skills in consultation with families and enhance the children’s developing self-help skills. Children are encouraged to join in small and large group activities and play based learning. Activities are based on children’s interests and developmental level and focus on language, social, emotional, health and hygiene practices.

2.5 – 3.5 years: Jellyfish Room

Our Jellyfish children are aged from 2.5 to 3.5 years, we provide a range if activities based on children’s interests and needs. We focus on self-help skills including toileting, dressing themselves and health and hygiene practices with the help of the educators. We encourage group activities and are engaging the children in art & craft activities, social & emotional skills and indoor and outdoor play.

3 – 4 years: Dolphins Room

Our Dolphin children are 3 to 4 years, our educators provide a supportive, inclusive program for the children encouraging self-help skills for the children to attempt and eventually succeed with the help of educators, this includes toileting, dressing and choosing a range of play based learning activities. We provide sensory/messy play, creative/expressive art and imaginative/dramatic play which help children to express themselves and indicate their wants and needs, throughout the day we offer indoor/outdoor program to give the children a choice on what they want to experience throughout the day.

Kinder Room

Read about our Kinder Program here.