Dianne Roper

Hi my name is Dianne and I am the director of Greensborough Road ELC and Kinder. I have worked in the early years industry for 7 years. Throughout this time I have been an assistant, group leader, 2IC and now a director.
As a centre director at Greensborough Road my mission is to ensure that the centre and the educators deliver high quality care and an educational program for all children. I believe the more comfortable and settled a child is in their environment the more a child will learn. Our aim to at the centre is to create meaningful play based experiences for all children that will both challenge children and extend their learning. This will set your child up to meet their development and emotional milestone and work in collaboration with families to get the best outcome for your child.
I look forward to meeting your family and giving you a tour of the centre.






Hi, I am Melava and I was born in Bangladesh. Before moving to Australia, I was working as a primary school teacher in Bangladesh. I started my career as a room leader in 2011 and finished my Bachelor of Early Childhood Education at the University of Monash. I believe the essence of teaching is to make information transmittable and I find it incredible. Education is the only field where we can make every other career possible. While I continue to grow as a teacher, I’m confident in buildnig positive connections with children through relationships and communication. This includes with families, and it is my aim to work cooperatively with families to build a healthy, positive relationship. Our play-based curriculum aims to cater for the diverse developmental needs of all children as a group and as individuals. I believe children will embrace challenges in learning if offered in the appropriate context and with guidance and support. I enjoy being exposed to new insights from educational research.